It’s Messy in the Middle

Judy Hicks Realtor

It’s messy in the middle! On 2 of my closed transactions in 2022 I had massive issues, the kind of issues that show up unexpectedly in a purchase or sale of a home.  What might make a transaction messy?

  • siblings who won’t agree on a price
  • a couple going through divorce or separation
  • a spouse trying to sell a home without their spouse knowing
  • a home that was purchased without disclosures from the previous owner (when they sell it, the issues are discovered by a home inspector)
  • when you have someone on the other side of a transaction who won’t pick up the phone and talk through issues
  • dishonestly and /or miscommunication

Honestly, the list is never-ending. Real estate transactions can be difficult because let’s face it other people are involved in them and it’s emotional for all parties.

Because there are things that come up and cause issues, you need someone on your side who knows how to navigate through the problems. This is where Experience Matters.  You need someone who can have the tough conversations, who knows who to talk to and where to get the right information. 

To make sure your next real estate transaction is the best it can be I suggest these 3 things:

  1. Ask for a referral from someone you know and trust who has had recent experience buying or selling a home
  2. Over-communicate.  Ask a lot of questions, even the hard ones. And be aware that you may have to communicate in a manner that is not your first preference.  
  3. Disclose.  Disclose.  Disclose.  The more your real estate professional knows the better he/she can help you navigate and be ready for any “Messy in the Middle” that may pop up!

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