The Womenade daniel Kids Christmas 2022

Once again the Jacksonville Realtor & Builder Community came together with the support of Loan Professionals, Closing Agents and many others to make sure that every child and youth on the daniel Campus (Belfort Rd) in the Independent Living and Community based services have fun-filled Christmas parties and gifts. Thank you to all who helped. See the two groups of photos below.

Judy Hicks Realtor



Judy Hicks, Founder of Womenade

28 years ago, Judy found a cause near to her heart, helping children. She connected with daniel. With her significant involvement with the Northeast Florida Builders Association and their Sales and Marketing Council, Judy created something incredible: a way for people in her industry that wanted to help others to do so and a way for kids in need to be helped.

Judy created Womenade events where women gather, sharing a meal, and often meeting a child from daniel. With these events, Judy stepped in at daniel to create programs the children need such as a program where volunteers from Womenade read to small children and another program where volunteers help those preparing to find jobs and live on their own for the first time, with how to dress for a job interview and making sure they have necessities such as bedding, dishes and clothes.

Judy quickly saw a need for Christmas with the children. Every year, Judy organizes a Christmas party for the kids at daniel, complete with gifts. This tradition has grown and is well-known to the community. With the children already in a stressful life situation, Judy wants all the children at daniel to have the best Christmas possible and works for months before to orchestrate the most incredible act – giving children Christmas, complete with a party and gifts.

Judy interacts with the children throughout the year, and they know her. She genuinely cares about them and leads Womenade to do things many non-profits don’t do. Judy works tirelessly with daniel and for the children to help them through this time in their lives.

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