Womenade daniel Kids Christmas 2022

Buying gifts? PLEASE READ THIS….

Judy Hicks Realtor

Everything you need to know about how Christmas for the kids at daniel works

Each year we have the youth complete a “Santa’s Wish List,” and then we get to work finding individuals and companies to purchase the gifts. Together we can make a huge difference in the lives of so many children and youth!

My personal “best tip” for anyone taking a wishlist: as soon as you get it, take a picture of it! Why? All the wishlists are color-coded by programs, so if you contact me because you’ve misplaced or lost your wishlist, if you have a picture of it, you can tell me the color, and I’ll find it right away!

The following lists of “dos” and “don’ts” may seem not very important, but I want you to know that all of these come from daniel. They have a reason for everything they request, and if you follow the requests, the entire process will go smoothly, and all the kids will get your gifts, and that’s what we want!!

Things you need to know about participating in the daniel kids Christmas wish lists

– Purchase BOTH gifts – no substitutions (we don’t want any child to feel disappointed or not receive their gifts)

– Put BOTH gifts in the same Christmas gift bag with tissue and staple the wish list to the outside of the Christmas bag – Gifts cannot be wrapped – please do not wrap them. (if you can get a gift receipt, please do and attach the gift receipt to the wish list and staple it to the bag.) If there is no wish list stapled on the outside of a gift bag with both gifts – we won’t know which child is to get that gift, and with the number of kids and gifts, we don’t want anyone to not receive their gifts!

  • If you have an oversized gift with a heavy item such as a comforter or dishes, PLEASE use a sturdy, reinforced grocery bag for BOTH gifts. Regular Christmas gift bags can’t hold these types of items.

– ALL gifts are due by NOON Friday, December 9, 2022

More important notes on how to participate in the Christmas wish lists

– All gifts must be new items, No used items.

– All shoes purchased MUST be slip-on. Kids cannot have any shoelaces.

– If your gift tag is yellow, orange, or green – the gift is for a campus youth, and the shoes MUST be slip-on only, no shoestrings.

– NO candy or food products of any kind.

(these are non-negotiable requests by daniel.)

Per the request of the daniel staff, please DO NOT purchase the following:

– Manicure sets

– Liquids that contain any amount of alcohol

– R-rated books

– R-rated movies

For more information about sponsoring a youth, please contact Judy Hicks/RE/MAX Specialists at 904-463-2877 or Judy@judyjudyhicks-com

On A Personal Note

Christmas for the kids at daniel is one of my favorite things, and this year marks the 28th anniversary of partnering with the Sales and Marketing Council of the Northeast Florida Builders Association and the Jacksonville Community to bring Christmas to the kids at daniel.

A Little Bit About daniel

Daniel is Florida’s oldest nonprofit child-service agency. The organization was originally established as an orphanage in 1884 as a living tribute to James Jacquelin Daniel, who dedicated his time, wealth, and life to the betterment of children.

Daniel has evolved into a multi-service agency that serves children, adolescents, and families through a variety of innovative and nationally-recognized programs. From counseling to case management and prevention to intervention, Daniel is here to help children and families in crisis heal from the past and build brighter futures.

Judy Hicks, Founder of Womenade

28 years ago, Judy found a cause near to her heart, helping children. She connected with daniel. With her significant involvement with the Northeast Florida Builders Association and their Sales and Marketing Council, Judy created something incredible: a way for people in her industry that wanted to help others to do so and a way for kids in need to be helped.

Judy created Womenade events where women gather, sharing a meal, and often meeting a child from daniel. With these events, Judy stepped in at daniel to create programs the children need such as a program where volunteers from Womenade read to small children and another program where volunteers help those preparing to find jobs and live on their own for the first time, with how to dress for a job interview and making sure they have necessities such as bedding, dishes and clothes.

Judy quickly saw a need for Christmas with the children. Every year, Judy organizes a Christmas party for the kids at daniel, complete with gifts. This tradition has grown and is well-known to the community. With the children already in a stressful life situation, Judy wants all the children at daniel to have the best Christmas possible and works for months before to orchestrate the most incredible act – giving children Christmas, complete with a party and gifts.

Judy interacts with the children throughout the year, and they know her. She genuinely cares about them and leads Womenade to do things many non-profits don’t do. Judy works tirelessly with daniel and for the children to help them through this time in their lives.