Why would a Real Estate Agent need a coach?

In the world today, we utilize other people to help us accomplish our goals. There are personal trainers at the gym. Some companies offer mentors to new employees. Life coaches and business coaches are now more common. Even a good friend can sometimes be a catalyst in holding us accountable and helping us achieve our goals. I use a business coach, and it makes such a difference. Why would a Real Estate agent need a coach?

  • Synergy. I find that having a person to collaborate with, especially since I own my own business, is imperative. Talking through my ideas with my coach creates a fundamental synergy and support for me. This synergy keeps me focused on my clients and what I need to do to help them in their home-buying or home-selling endeavors.
  • Accountability. It doesn’t make sense to pay someone for their advice and not take the advice. Also, if you know me at all, you know there are just some things that I don’t want to do! My coach makes sure I do them anyway. Timing is everything in real estate. Being held accountable keeps me on top of all of the many and important tasks that need to be done.
  • Network. My coach connects me with a network. I have relationships with Realtors all over the country and internationally, allowing me to pass on referrals when clients move to places outside of Jacksonville but still want a trusted Real Estate agent.

Having a good coach keeps me sharp. Could I do it all on my own? Probably. But would I do it as well? Probably not. I strongly recommend utilizing a network of people to help you accomplish your goals.

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