The Elf List Is Here!

Elf List Image
Elf List Image

No matter how much we need to simplify, this is the time of the year when we gather together, host friends and family for meals and celebrations, and sometimes even have overnight guests.  With the added number of get-togethers, we all want our homes in tip-top shape. 

For this reason, I am asked quite frequently, “Judy, can you recommend….”  And I say, “Yes, I can!”.  Over the years, I was recommended companies and individuals so often that I created “The Elf List.” 

If you haven’t received a copy yet, my annual Elf List includes my favorite companies or elves that even visit my home when I need something done.  It’s so fun when I am visiting a client’s home, and I see my Elf List on their refrigerator.  Every home needs one! 🥰

Download The Elf List!

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