Negotiating the Purchase

Judy Hicks Realtor Market Update October 2022

“Should I ask for…”

Everybody is talking about how the market is changing, and it is. As a real estate professional, not only am I seeing more homes coming on the market, but I’m also receiving communication from site agents who are sitting on new homes that need to sell. Whether you are looking for a new home or resale, there are opportunities to be had.

New Homes

Over the last few months, builder’s site agents are open…with incentives. I’ve received numerous emails with incentives for buyers I’m working with – incentives for buyers’ interest rate buy downs, design center incentives, and a lot of premium incentives.

This is a huge change and a benefit for buyers. Many custom builders will not even give potential buyers pricing right now because prices are changing so quickly. Unfortunately, we are still in a supply chain issue.


There are now more homes on the market, so buyers finally have choices. Incentives can be there for a resale also, you just have to ask for them. You can ask the seller to pay closing costs or ask for a 1-year home warranty. This is a great reason to get out and buy.

We are seeing a whole group of people who are afraid to buy, so they are renting, but with the right incentive, you might be able to get into a home you want and not pay rent. The market today allows you to buy a home and begin building wealth through that home purchase.

For the last few years there has been no negotiating from builders or sellers. In this way, the balancing of the market is especially kind to buyers who have not had any negotiating power until now. If you are looking to buy or even thinking about what that might look like for you, give me a call. I’d love to help you figure it out.

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