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Do you ever get bogged down? Feel stuck? When you are feeling this way, how do you get unstuck? I recently had the opportunity to attend a convention in Arizona called “Peak Experience”. Peak Experience offers training, networking and an exchange of ideas and best practices for the real estate industry.

One of the best takeaways came from Brian Buffini’s session titled “It’s Time For a 180”. A 180 is defined as a complete change of direction that allows you to get unstuck and move forward. I think this message resonated with me because we are still in a weird place in our market. Some of us are still nervous to move and we don’t like the high interest rates. But honestly, I think the idea of getting “stuck” happens in all areas of our lives – our relationships, work, hobbies – nothing is off limits.

So how do we 180? Here are just a few of Buffini suggestions:

  • One day at a time. It’s like the great proverb: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. And how do we tackle difficult relationships, issues or projects? One day at a time.
  • Trade one bad habit for a good habit. For example, instead of having a third diet cook, replace it with just one glass of water. Or turn the TV off 15 minutes early and take a stroll through the neighborhood. Little changes really do make a huge impact.
  • Have an accountability partner. I utilize this one a lot. I have a coach who keeps me accountable and I have business partners and friends who keep my accountable. This especially helps when I have something I really don’t want to do!

Change is hard no matter the circumstances. But if we aren’t changing, we aren’t growing.

In closing, here are some final thoughts from Brian Buffini:

  • If you heard enough, you have to change
  • When you see enough, you are inspired to change
  • When you learn enough, you want to change
  • When you receive enough, you are able to change
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