Buying A Home

Is it Time for You to Buy?

  • Are you renting and ready to start receiving the tax benefit of owning your home?

  • Do you need more space? Or less space?

  • Has your family grown or have the kids moved out?

Every time a home is Built, Bought or Sold in Florida jobs are created and dozen of occupations are utilized. Home ownership is still the number one goal for Americans. This short video shows the power of real estate in our economy.  

What’s on the Market?

There are three different home options on the market today:

  1. Builder’s Spec Homes: This is a brand new home that a builder constructed on a lot that usually has some upgrades. Builders also refer to specs as inventory homes which allows them to offer a timely move in.  The upside of buying a spec home is that everything is new in the home; the downside is that you may have more closing cost